Marketing Lab

Our client, a national advertising and promotions firm, presented us the challenge of working within the guidelines of a historically registered warehouse property and conveying the eclectic and modern freshness of their culture and brand. In collaboration with the firm’s leadership, we created a vision for a 10,000 SF environment that would inspire and energize a creative workforce. Bench-style workstations along the perimeter allow daylight to permeate the space and promote interaction. Acoustics and privacy concerns are addressed through enclosed rooms of varying sizes that accommodate both focused and collaborative work. The space also boasts a central café/collaboration hub, team zones, an abundance of color, and a unique collection of artifacts and commissioned art. Bold graphics and a subtle incorporation of the firm’s logo and “lab” identity further convey the culture and personality of the firm. The result is a dynamic work setting that reflects the historic character of the warehouse while providing a refreshed and hip environment that allows creativity to thrive.


Minneapolis, MN