Media Minefield

Founded in 2010, Media Minefield is a news-driven PR agency on a mission to change the perception of the industry. A relocation provided the opportunity to create an office environment reflective of their family-first / work-like-a-team values and quirky culture. Appropriate for a firm that compares employees to superheroes, the new 6,000 SF office is divided into two team spaces branded by the client as “Gotham” and “Metropolis,” linked via collaboration space. Enclosed rooms incorporate full glass fronts to maximize transparency and access to daylight. The central Plaza is multipurpose, serving as meeting venue, alternative work venue and assembly space—and home to the prize wheel. Design details, including newsprint wall covering, “on-air” signs, and microphone doorknockers, are reminders of the team’s business, focus and purpose.


Minnetonka, MN